Ceremony dates and presenters

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The Scheme's National Site Awards 2014 were held across 12 ceremonies which took place in Edinburgh, Manchester and London. Each awards ceremony is presented by a special guest, who is a leading industry figure in construction. Please see below for the presenters and dates of the 2014 National Site Awards.

edin 1 presenterMonday 24th March, Edinburgh
Archie Ferguson
Chairman, Scottish Construction Licensing Executive

"The construction industry is a major contributor to the economy and is also an important indicator of growth – the predominance of cranes on the skyline and the visibility of hard hats at ground level being testimony to vibrant communities.

As the industry has grown so too has its responsibilities and the Considerate Constructors Scheme now plays a significant part, having grown since its inception in 1997 into a recognisable organisation that takes full account of health and safety matters both within and beyond the construction site.

The organisation’s signage is prominent in neighbourhoods across the land and represents all that is best in the industry. Employees are conscious of their responsibilities, both in terms of work practices and relevant engagement with the communities surrounding each development.

Members of the Scheme have become synonymous with quality and care. They fly the flag for an industry that is growing in stature and gaining the respect that it deserves. Congratulations to all involved."

man 1 presenterTuesday 25th March, Manchester
Presenter: Paul Senior
Chairman, National Federation of Builders

"It is a great pleasure for me personally to be associated with the awards, which represents the highest achievers in all the key areas of producing a positive image of construction.

The winners are to be congratulated in once again not only achieving, but also raising the benchmark of standards of delivery across all sectors of the industry. Well done to everyone here today."

man 2 presenterWednesday 26th March, Manchester
Presenter: William Swan
Director, Constructing Excellence in the North West

"The Considerate Constructors Scheme has always been strongly supported by Constructing Excellence – it is an important scheme and reflects the values of excellence in management and effective engagement with communities that we consider an important part of what construction is about. Over the years the scheme can take great credit for making its values part of the fabric of the industry which now recognises that this is what ‘business as usual’ should look like when it comes to site management and community engagement."

man 3 presenterThursday 27th March, Manchester
Presenter: Julia Evans
Chief Executive, National Federation of Builders

"I am delighted to support these awards as they encourage the achievement of what might be thought to be aspirational. Companies large and small are able to demonstrate the very best of what they can do which is great for them, for their clients, for the Scheme and for the industry."


lon 1 presenterWednesday 2nd April, London
Presenter: Peter Hansford
Government's Chief Construction Adviser

"I welcome the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s 2014 National Site Awards for recognising the very best of industry during these challenging economic times. Construction sites can have a significant impact on the areas where we live and work.  The winners of these awards can be proud of what they have achieved."

lon 2 presenterThursday 3rd and 10th April, London

Presenter: Paul  Everall CBE
Chief Executive, Local Authority Building Control

"Construction companies have suffered a great deal in recent years, and at the same time the resources available to building control teams in local authorities have been severely squeezed. We therefore very much appreciate working with companies who have gone the extra mile, and thereby have lessened the burden on us by readily recognizing the need to comply with Building Regulations, as all of the winners of these awards have clearly done. It is a real pleasure to be able to share in celebrating this success, and to congratulate the winners."

lon 3 presenterFriday 4th April, London
Presenter: Diana Montgomery
Chief Executive, Construction Products Association

"The Considerate Constructors Scheme has a huge role to play in improving the image of the construction industry in the UK and its success is demonstrated with continued growth through the last few years of recession.  It is clear that the industry acknowledges the benefits of supporting the Scheme and the importance of working to improve safety, local engagement as well as minimizing the impact of projects on neighbours and the environment. The Construction Product Association would like to congratulate the winners and to thank them for setting such a high standard for our sector to aspire to."

lon 4 presenter

Monday 7th April, London
Presenter: James Wates
Construction Industry Training Board

"It is an honour to be invited to present these important awards.  The Considerate Constructors Scheme has played an important role in positively changing the public face of construction and I would like to congratulate all of the winners for their commitment and hard work."


lon 5 presenter

Tuesday 8th April, London
Presenter: Andy von Bradsky
Chair, RIBA Housing group

"I am delighted to be presenting at the Scheme’s 2014 National Site Awards. Considerate construction is now more important than ever, and it is with great pleasure to be recognising those sites that have set the set the standard for others to follow. Congratulations to everyone who has received an award.”


lon 6 presenter

Wednesday 9th April, London
Presenter: Ian Reeves
Chairman, Constructing Excellence

"The Scheme has made one of the most important contributions to changing the culture and public perception of the construction industry."

lon 7 presenterFriday 11th April, London

Presenter: Nick Baveystock
Director General, Institution of Civil Engineers

"Construction has recognised the real value that accrues from a considerate approach.  Working for, with and in communities sets us apart from many other industries. We really do shape people’s lives.  The CCS Awards reflect the step change constructors have made in their relationship with society.  They provide real examples of best international practice and a benchmark to which others now aspire.  We must build on this success; seeking constantly to raise the standards."