A new film for site managers

A new film for site managers has been published by the Scheme which helps registered sites understand how to adhere to the five-point Code. Following the new Code of Considerate Practice which came into effect from the 1st Janaury 2013, all documentation and information has been updated to reflect this change, including the film for site managers.

The new film is presented by Melissa Porter, a TV presenter who has worked on property programmes for the BBC and Channel 4. The filming took place late last year on a registered construction site in Essex.

The film for site managers is designed to inform those who manage a registered site on what the Scheme's expectations are and what is required to meet compliance with the five-point Code. It explains what a site will need to do with regards to displaying Scheme information and talks about the three key areas the Scheme Monitor will consider when assessing the site on its visit. The film discusses the scoring system and what is required to achieve compliance, and encourages the site manager to think about how to improve the score by demonstrating good practice.

Click here to watch the new film for site managers.