Chairman’s Introduction

Welcome to 2013's first edition of Industry Image, and though this year has only begun, it already feels like so much has happened.

Very early on in the year, the Scheme announced it had conducted its 100,000th site visit. This milestone is a fantastic achievement not only for the Scheme, but for the industry. Registration with the Scheme has always been voluntary but it's extremely gratifying knowing that since 1997 when the Scheme began, the industry has continued to support our aim, through both the good times and the bad. It proves just how committed every contractor and client working in the industry is when it comes to improving its image.

I was also very pleased to introduce the first issue of a new Industry Image magazine, designed specifically for the Scheme's registered companies. You can have a look at the first issue by clicking here, but don't worry, we'll still be publishing the normal Industry Image every quarter to keep you up to date on Scheme news and the latest good practice from the industry.

The National Site Awards are also happening very soon, and more information about this can be found in this issue. The Scheme's Monitors witnessed some exceptional examples of good practice last year and the awards are to recognise those efforts. It's fantastic to see those sites being rewarded for their commitment, and the awards themselves becoming increasingly important to the industry year on year.

Later this year the Scheme will be unveiling its 'Spotlight on...' campaign as well as an exciting Ivor hoarding competition designed to get the creative juices flowing! More details on these two initiatives will be published nearer the time, but until then, please enjoy this edition of Industry Image and thank you for your continued support.

Kind regards,

David Watson
Chairman, Considerate Constructors Scheme