Construction Youth Trust update


A couple of issues ago, the Scheme wrote about how it will support the Construction Youth Trust, a registered charity working with young people to help them access training, education and employment opportunities in construction.

Since the Scheme began supporting the Trust by raising awareness of their efforts, they have received a great response from organisations offering site visits, work placements, careers presentations and excess materials. The Construction Youth Trust has also reported that two national retailers have asked their contractors to support the next generation, with the possibility of working with the Trust being made compulsory for future projects. However, it is not just the large companies who have been able to offer help, the Trust notes how delighted they have been with the response from smaller, regional contractors and the wealth of opportunities they can provide.

This is a great opportunity to educate young, aspiring construction industry professionals and allow them the chance to develop skills they can use to build a career.

The Scheme wishes to thank all registered sites and companies who have been able to offer support and resources to the Trust and looks forward to seeing these initiatives continue.

For more information on the Trust, please click here.

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