Monitors’ Regional Meetings, Spring 2013


The Scheme's Monitors met regionally for the first time in 2013 to discuss the new Code, as well as general Scheme news and good practice initiatives.

The meetings took place between the 12th March to the 21st, and were held in Bristol, London, Ware, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester and Coventry. Each meeting was chaired by a Scheme Director and the Chief Executive.

The meetings are held twice a year and allow Monitors to discuss the performance of sites and companies they have visited as well as good practice initiatives they have witnessed. The main focus of these meetings revolved around the new Code, and allowed Monitors to discuss areas such as scoring consistency and report writing. Monitors also took part in group exercises to check for a good standard of report writing and fair scoring.


The meetings closed on discussions around good practice that Monitors have recently seen on their visits and provide an opportunity to ask any questions they may have about Scheme related matters.

All Monitors attend a regional meeting, and the next series are due to be held in October later this year.

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