CIOB's Tony Gage Scholarship

CIOB's Tony Gage Scholarship is a prestigious bursary worth up to £10,000 which is awarded to candidates selected as future leaders in construction. This award is specifically aimed at professionals employed by a UK contractor.

CIOB talks to Industry Image about the scholarship and how to apply.

If you are planning further study at post graduate level, this award may be for you.

Have you identified a future leader from within your organisation that you would wish to nominate for this scholarship? CIOB and Tony Gage are in the enviable position of seeking and supporting individuals who demonstrate at interview, potential to steer the course of the industry, embrace change and display leadership qualities.

A recipient of the Tony Gage award included Adam Littlejohn.

ciob-adamAdam is studying Construction Engineering – Master's Programme at University of Cambridge.

On April 7th 2013 I am to attend my third residential week at Queens College Cambridge with the Engineering department at the University of Cambridge. I have completed two residential weeks, the first in September 2012 and the second in December 2012. The programme is intense but incredibly educational and the level and quality of the lectures and speakers has been unquestionable. During each residential week a course theme is identified and the lectures of the week focus on topics surrounding the theme. After the presentation of each topic we individually or as a small group are asked to present our findings or thoughts relating to the topic.

The programme is graded on four individual pieces of writing, one 5000 word case study, two 3000 word essays and a final 15000 word thesis.

I have just received my confirmed grading's for my case study and can report an overall grading of 'A' which translates to 'Excellent' & 'High Standard'. My initial grading of 'A+' was reduced to 'A' following a third marking, which was necessary due to the initial high scores.

I am currently in the process of writing my first and second essay, the first of which is due for submission on April 12th 2013, during my next residential week.

I am thoroughly enjoying being part of this exciting programme and looking forward to the next 18 months.

When applying for this programme I was instantly attracted by the aim of the course, which was to be unique, and to "Revolutionize the construction sector by educating leaders to break down the traditional barriers and transform the future of the industry". In my mind there is no doubt that this programme continually strives and offers the tools to its students to do just that.

Thank you again to the trustees of the Tony Gage Scholarship and the Chartered Institute of Building for the opportunity of partaking in this unique programme.

The Tony Gage Scholarship Award is based on a legacy given by Mr A. G. Gage to The Chartered Institute of Building to provide a post graduate student bursary.

Tony Gage was employed by Higgs & Hill Plc for nearly fifty years and was for many years a project manager in the UK and overseas. Subsequently he became a director of Higgs & Hill Civil Engineering.

A significant part of his later career was dedicated to training young people and leading management development in this group.

The Bursary

The bursary has two main objectives:

To develop individuals who are capable of becoming leaders within the construction industry

To provide research at an advanced level for The Chartered Institute of Building.

The Bursary will be awarded at two year intervals for attendance at an advanced scholarship course, for example MSc, MPhil, PhD, MBA, whilst achieving experience within a contractor's organisation.

The Bursary will be to the maximum value of £10,000 payable in two instalments for a two year or longer programme.

The Bursary may be used for travel costs to support appropriate research leading to a recognised academic award.

The Bursary will be administered by The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

Criteria for the award of the Bursary

Candidates must be at an appropriate level of CIOB membership when starting the programme of study. (i.e. ICIOB, MCIOB).

Candidates are likely to be employed by a contractor and gaining appropriate experience before any further programme of study.

Candidates must be able to demonstrate commercial acumen and ingenuity in the development and innovation of management skills and abilities.

Candidates must be articulate, with good communication and presentation skills.

Candidates should demonstrate capability in understanding construction methods and an appreciation of the roles of other professionals in design, finance and construction. Whilst being a team player the candidate should also be able to demonstrate skills in leading others.

  • Candidates should understand the value of research for supporting the development of design, construction and financial processes.
  • Candidates should be able to demonstrate a breadth of interest beyond science and technology.

Application Process

To apply, candidates must complete the scholarship application form overleaf, together with a statement not exceeding 800 words making a case for the award of the Bursary and explaining the choice of the particular programme of study/research.

Applications should be forwarded to the CIOB and suitable candidates will be selected for interview and notified in due course.

Candidates are expected to obtain references and support from the head of department/course tutor of their previous university programme and their current employer.


Progress throughout the term of study will be monitored and candidates are expected to provide a six monthly report to The CIOB. Where a second instalment is to be paid, candidates will be expected to have provided satisfactory reports, endorsed by the course tutor, before the second payment is made.

Where candidates are conducting research or preparing a thesis, they may be required to make a presentation of the outcomes to an invited audience at the end of the scholarship period.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.