The Scheme goes Underground


Anyone travelling on the tube in Janaury may have noticed the Scheme's logo appearing in an unusual place.

The number of construction sites registering with the Scheme is on the rise, especially in major metropolitan areas such as central London. As more and more sites display the Scheme's posters and banners, it is important for the public to understand why sites have registered with the Scheme and what it means for them. In order to engage with as many members of the public in a city as large as London, there's really only one way... going underground.

London Underground carries 1.3 billion passengers each year, with the network stretching over 249 miles. With so many of the public using the underground to access all parts of the capital, it was the ideal opportunity to explain the aims of the Scheme and why it is important to them that sites have chosen to register.

Promoting the aims of the Scheme to the public was a suggestion which came from the feedback received in the Scheme's annual survey. Each year the Scheme conducts a comprehensive survey of the general public and those working in the industry to understand the changing attitudes towards the image of construction. A common piece of feedback from last year was that though people frequently saw sites displaying Scheme signage, they never fully understood what that meant and how it may affect them.

By informing those who live and work in the UK's busiest city about the choice that many constructors have proactively chosen to make, the public's perception of construction will improve, and in turn, so will its image.

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