Monitor feedback

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When a registered site and company is emailed their report after the Monitor visit, included in the email is a link to take a quick survey which they can complete that tells the Scheme their thoughts on the recent visit.

Every quarter the Scheme reviews the survey results to see what registered sites and companies thought about the Monitor's conduct during the visit, and the feedback is excellent. Please see below for just some of the great comments the Scheme has received.

Site Registration

Below are comments from registered sites taken from the survey from the last quarter:

Good discussion with the Monitor. Site issues and CCS guidelines formed part of an overall discussion, not just firing a series of questions for me to answer "parrot fashion".

Impression given is that John Sayers wants to work with the team and help where possible.

Barry Bretell was very helpful in all matters and listened to what I had to say with an open mind and was very approachable. Thank you Barry.

Monitor Ley Aldridge was extremely proactive in helping the site achieve its full potential. Was a pleasure to show Ley around the site and he fully grasped the culture we were trying to portray. Thank you.

Found examples shared very useful by the Monitor George McNeill, was a very pleasant experience in sharing how we had tried to push standards for CCS

Ray MacDonald showed a real interest in the project and was delighted at some of the work we were doing to improve the image of construction. Ray added some good ideas from his own experience that we shall be carrying out in the future

The Monitor visit was very good and the prompts were easy to understand and respond too. Brian Sweeney was very polite and helpful.

Pleasant experience indeed, some good helpful hints from Jim Grainger regarding cycle parking for staff and visitors.

We had a visit on site from Richard Gilmore, and I must say one of the best Monitors that we have been involved with, he took such a common sense approach to the meeting, which comes from years of on-site experience which helps him understand the problems we as site managers face. We have had a difficult neighbour near site which Richard helped and advised in the best way to improve relations with her which I found very helpful. Once again thank you very much for all the help on a trying site.

Company Registration

Below are comments from registered companies taken from the survey from the last quarter:

A very constructive and informative visit from Mike Worrall.

I was impressed by the approach of Robert Biggs who attended our office, and was also happy with the information he supplied to us and the guidance given. We were apprehensive at the start of the process but Robert put our minds at rest and this has shown us that we are going the right way as a company.

Very informative visit by Brian Jones. Thank you.

The visit was thorough and very productive. Phil Hart provided positive and constructive feedback.