Working Group meeting

The group was established in November 2012 by the Scheme and members are a representative sample of Associate Members.

The role of this group is to review any concerns or comments put forward by all Associate Members, and to suggest the best way forward for Associate Membership as a whole.

Group members are in an advisory role only and any suggestions made in these meetings will be forwarded to all Associate Members for their feedback and approval before any proposals are put in place.

The latest Working Group meeting took place on the 5th March at Ecobuild in ExCEL, London. The meeting was chaired by Scheme Vice Chairman Mike Petter and began with asking the question 'How could Associate Members bring more people to the Scheme?'. The group discussed this topic and offered a number of ideas and comments on how Associate Members could raise the profile of the Scheme to clients, local authorities, SME's and subcontractors. This was then followed by the group discussing how the Scheme could assist Associate Members with the above.

The next item on the agenda was asking if there were any groups that the Scheme could get in contact with in order to raise awareness amongst industry clients, local authorities and subcontractors, followed by general industry events which the Scheme could also attend to raise its profile.

The meeting generated some excellent discussions and suggestions which the Scheme will look into.

The meeting concluded with Mike Petter thanking the Working Group members for their contribution.

The next meeting is scheduled to take place in May.

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