New National Site Awards film


The Scheme is pleased to publish a new film which looks at what goes on at one of its revered National Site Awards ceremonies.

This new film aims to introduce people to the National Site Awards and how the Scheme celebrates the most considerate efforts of the UK's construction industry.

The shooting of this film took place on the 3rd May at the final awards ceremony of 2013 where Longcross Construction's Sainsbury's Bognor Regis site was awarded the title of Most Considerate Site 2013. The Scheme filmed the entire day, from setting up in the morning through to the ceremony and the dinner afterwards. The Scheme was also pleased to speak to a number of attendees and ask how they felt about the awards and the impact the Scheme has had, and is having, on the industry.

The Scheme would like to thank all those who contributed that day and hopes that this new film acts as a great advertisement for considerate construction.

Click here to watch the new National Site Awards film.