Westminster Building Company Ltd registered as a company with the Scheme for the first time earlier this year. They also registered their first site, which means that all their projects benefit from registration with the Scheme and promote to the public their commitment to considerate construction.

Westminster tell Industry Image about their experience of registering as both a site and a company and the benefits they have gained from registration.

Please tell us a bit about your company and some of the projects you have worked on.

Incorporated in 1994, Westminster Building Company Ltd has successfully grown over the years. Driven by delivering quality projects, Westminster's ethos is to "Do what we say we are going to do" and this has clearly worked given the number of clients who return for future projects. This is underpinned by the fact that we continued to grow throughout the recession and have achieved many accreditations and recent awards.

Westminster deliver a multitude of services and these include Office Refurbishments, Dilapidations, New Builds, Groundwork's, Shop Fitting and more. We have been extensively involved and continue working with Heineken in breweries around the country. A few projects for Heineken include two new training centres, two car parks, office refurbishments and security gatehouse refurbishment.

We are currently in the process of completing a new bodyshop facility for BMW Sytner in Nottingham. The project comprises demolition, piling, extensive installations and refurbishment.

How have you found registration with the Scheme and would you recommend it to other construction companies?

When Westminster registered with the Scheme we were pleasantly surprised how it worked and how it was set apart from any other accreditation. A great percentage of the accreditations we hold are heavily based on health and safety but registration with the Scheme really turned our thought process to considering the environment and the community around us wherever we are working. Registration was a good process which really helped us to see where we were against Considerate Constructor standards and how we could move forward.

Registering the BMW Sytner site as a Site Registration with the Scheme has been of huge benefit. The pack that we received included large posters that could be displayed, but what was of particular benefit was an information pack that was tailored to site managers and gave them plenty of guidance and more examples of good practice.

We would definitely recommend the Scheme to other construction companies as the benefit is clear. We have been helped to focus not just on what is happening within our site, but who and what we are affecting around us. As mentioned previously, the company depends on word of mouth greatly and the Considerate Constructors Scheme will only add to positive feedback.


How have you found the Monitor visits and were they beneficial?

We experienced the visits to be a lot more extensive than expected. The business was discussed as a whole and the initial visit was almost in an audit style.

However, from the first visit from Scheme Monitor Barry Grimes we could already perceive where we could implement our own standards and also parts of the Examples of Good Practice guide. In particular, visits to the actual site were very beneficial and again further helpful advice on how we could improve was offered.

Could you detail a few examples of good practice you have put in place on your sites?

On our most recent and extensive site at BMW Sytner Nottingham, we have implemented the following (amongst other examples):

1. The site is in particular close proximity to a Children's Hospital. Westminster arranged to have a drop box in the site office for new toys, books, clothes etc. These were then taken to the hospital for the children. This along with a money box located in the site office has been a positive way in which we could give to the community in a small way.

2. The site offices at BMW Sytner have been retro-fitted with movement sensors and timers to operate the lights and thermostats.

3. Toilet brushes have been provided in the toilets to encourage cleaning before and after use.

4. The site induction now includes slides on the Scheme and what it means for anyone working for or on behalf of Westminster.

Any other comments about Company Registration?

We have found that since we have been registered with the Scheme it is an accreditation that has been noticed and commented positively on. The accreditation does bring an added expectation from Westminster Building Company Limited, but it is an expectation we will work hard to uphold.