Construction Environmental Manual

ManualConstruction Industry Publications (CIP) has re-launched its popular Construction Environmental Manual. The new Manual has been written by leading Environmental Managers and Advisors who represent a cross section of the UK's leading construction companies. It includes seven new sections on Training, Procurement, Design, Materials, Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Energy and Incident Management.

The Manual is aimed at site managers and supervisors of main contractors and subcontractors, in particular it should help project managers, site agents, site foremen and engineers address environmental issues in a practical way.

Reviewed by the Environment Agency and an SME representative, the Manual aims to provide those engaged, at all levels, in construction activity with a useful and pragmatic tool to help comply with their legal duties and protect the environment through simple, informative guidance on the key environmental issues and the application of accepted good practice. It is a tool that can be used to help enhance current environmental performance and this, ultimately, will help to achieve a more sustainable industry.

Andrew Kinsey, Head of Sustainability – Construction, Mace Group commented on the new Training section: "It's packed with practical examples of how to effectively engage personnel and operatives to take action on sustainability, with reference to best practices developed and used on some of the UK's foremost exemplar sustainable construction projects and concepts translated from other industries."

Andrew Pears of Kotuku CIC said of the new Contaminated Land section: "Very clear and well written" and the Environment Agency commented "a simple overview, but useful and with a clear steer on using relevant expertise and guidance and it acknowledges pre-app discussions with relevant regulators."

Brian Handcock, Head of Sustainability at Morgan Sindall Group plc said: "Key to success is a clear understanding of the legislation, the options and best practices, and how to get it right. This manual sets out both the legislative context of waste and materials use, as well as detailing best practice alternatives that you might want to consider."

In summary the Manual

  • Outlines the principal applicable legislation
  • Details what must be done in order to comply
  • Describes best practice – both in the planning and construction phases
  • It's packed with practical real-life, onsite examples
  • It provides checklists and sources of further information
  • Full colour illustrations throughout

The Manual is available from Construction Industry Publications and costs £150 for a hardcopy or CDROM, and online subscriptions start from £189. You can order by calling 0870 078 4400, emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visiting the CIP website To register your interest and receive a FREE set of checklists go to the CIP website and click on the Environmental Manual banner.

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