Spotlight on... cycle safety


The Considerate Constructors Scheme has launched its new 'Spotlight on...' initiative which aims to look at different areas associated with improving the image of construction, and hopes to raise awareness among registered sites and companies on how they can help with the issue.

Each area highlighted in 'Spotlight on...' will feature facts on the topic, as well as information on what the UK, and more specifically the construction industry, is doing to help tackle the issue. Also included are examples of best practice that have been witnessed by the Scheme's Monitors when visiting registered sites and companies.

The Scheme's website now features the new 'Spotlight on...' section where it is hoped that the industry will use it as the first place to look to access more information about the various issues affecting the industry.

'Spotlight on...' aims to raise awareness of important issues and provide useful information to registered sites and companies, but it is hoped that this knowledge will then be thought about and developed across the thousands of construction sites operating in the UK.

The first area the Scheme's shining a spotlight on is the issue of cycle safety and how the UK, and the industry, is promoting safer cycling.

Commenting on the launch of this new initiative, Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of the Scheme, said: "We are delighted to launch the 'Spotlight on...' initiative which asks the industry to consider a number of issues currently affecting the industry. Our first focus is on cycle safety and hope that by raising awareness of this important issue, sites across the UK will consider how their activities may impact upon cyclists."

Through taking action to help tackle the issues highlighted under 'Spotlight on...', the construction industry can play an important role in making a difference, and ultimately, improve the image of construction.

To read the Scheme's 'Spotlight on... cycle safety' feature, click here.