Chairman's Introduction

david-watsonWelcome to the new edition of the Scheme's newsletter.

It's incredible to believe we are already in the second half of the year and what a year it has been so far. One of the Scheme's most recent achievements has been reaching 70,000 Site Registrations. It was this time last year that Industry Image reported on reaching 60,000 so to hit this milestone so soon is an amazing achievement. It's great for the Scheme but more importantly it's great for the industry and those communities who have benefitted from registered sites.

This leads nicely on to the fact that registrations so far this year have exceeded our expectations. There has been an increase in registrations when compared to 2012 and this is due to the fact that our industry continues to see the benefit in registering with the Scheme. It is gratifying to see that our industry has remained committed, perhaps now more than ever, to improving the image of construction.

A couple of months ago the Scheme launched its new initiative, 'Spotlight on...'. This aims to look at different areas associated with improving the image of construction, and hopes to raise awareness among registered sites and companies on how they can help with the highlighted issues. Cycle safety is the first area to be looked at and there are some great initiatives taking place across the UK which aim to reduce the number of construction related accidents. More information on 'Spotlight on...' can be found in this edition of Industry Image.

Ivor Goodsite has also been busy, helping take part in Child Safety Week and launching his first ever hoarding competition. This has received a great response and many contractors have risen to the challenge of organising a hoarding decoration event with children from their local community – we look forward to seeing the finished designs!

I hope you enjoy this edition of Industry Image, and on behalf of the Scheme, thank you for your continued support.

David Watson