Hoarding Competition


This year has seen Ivor Goodsite launch his first Hoarding Competition, where contractors invite schools and children's groups local to their sites to take part in designing and decorating its hoarding. Running throughout the summer, this initiative is a brilliant way for construction site teams nationwide to work together with their surrounding communities, and actively involve the young people who may be affected by their works.

Entry into the competition has now closed and contractors who have entered will be inviting children to be as imaginative as they can to create a site hoarding decoration. A range of fantastic winners' prizes will be up for grabs and all participants will also receive prizes including medals and Ivor fun packs simply for taking part. Sites will receive branding and Ivor merchandise including colourful posters and banners to display their entry to their surrounding neighbours, and the winning site will even have special visit from the Scheme and Ivor himself to celebrate and present prizes.

The competition is geared towards allowing contractors to educate children about construction site safety and creating a positive legacy for them to aspire to; while the hoarding they design may only be temporary, the valuable experience they take from participating will be permanent, potentially even encouraging them towards a career in construction.


Entrants have until 1st November to hold their events and submit details and photos of their hoarding being designed and decorated. The winners will be decided by a judging panel and announced shortly after.

As part of the competition and similar to many other initiatives it supports, the Scheme will be looking to contribute towards an important charity relevant to child safety. Therefore, any profits generated by this fantastic initiative will be donated to the Safe Network. Jointly managed by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), Children of England and the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), the Safe Network was created as a result of the Government's 'Staying Safe' action plan. The charity provides advice and information for parents and guardians, relating to children's activities outside the home, from after school clubs to weekend reading groups. For more information, please visit www.safenetwork.org.uk

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