Back to school


Since 2008, the Scheme has run presentations at colleges and universities around the UK, promoting the Scheme and its aim of improving the image of construction to budding construction professionals.

The presentations were introduced as a way to educate the next generation on the importance of creating a more considerate industry. Students who then go on to have a career in construction will have gained an understanding about the role they can play to improve its image, and how they can encourage others to think more considerately.

The presentations are run by Scheme Monitors who discuss not only how the Scheme is playing a role in construction, but will also share their experiences with the students and answer any questions they may have about the industry in general.

Students who are studying at the selected colleges or universities, and are enrolled on any construction related course, can attend the presentations.

Dr Roshani Palliyaguru BSc (Hons) PhD, a Lecturer in Quantity Surveying at the Heriot-Watt University, commented: “This event gives the opportunity for built environment undergraduate students to realise the current initiatives by the construction industry to improve the image of the industry. They learn practical things taking place on construction sites and obtain a better understanding of good and bad practices in the industry.”

The Scheme has given presentations at numerous locations, including:

Aston University
Heriot-Watt University
Suffolk New College
University of Bristol
University of Leeds
University of Sheffield

Scheme Monitor Andrew Agapiou, who is also a college and university presenter, said: “The presentations are well-received by the students and are often very interactive. Students seem very keen to learn about all aspects of construction and they often come armed with plenty of questions about both the Scheme and the industry.”