Brian Power Building Ltd


Brian Power Building Ltd began registering as a company with the Scheme back in 2010. The company has proved its commitment to considerate construction year on year, continually performing beyond compliance against the Code of Considerate Practice.

Industry Image spoke to Brian Power Building Ltd to ask what it has meant for them to be registered with the Scheme.

My name is Brian Power and I am the Director of Brian Power Building Ltd, based in Blackheath. I own a SME building company with my wife Surjit who joined me last year.

Brian Power Building Ltd works with private clients, architects, housing associations, developers, and restaurateurs. Through my many years of trading, my client base has extended, and the type of work I carry out has changed from when I first started. Back then, I worked on more domestic contracts but it’s now equal in terms of domestic and commercial work. Part of our success is based on the fact that we have worked with the same subcontractors over the last seven years, building up relationships that have helped us to become a Bronze Award winning company at the Considerate Constructors Scheme’s 2011 National Company Awards and now a Silver Award winner this year.

I became involved with the Scheme through a project that architect Phillip Bury was overseeing which required us to register. The contract was for a basement extension which I won, and have subsequently won further contracts with the same architect for a number of other conversions.

We like to think we’re doing something right, providing quality work and service, as one of our client’s commented “I wish every contract run as smoothly as this one”, and we scored a 32.5 on our first Monitor visit. I found this visit extremely beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it was great to be commended on the work we are doing and for both my subcontractors and I to receive recognition for the efforts we have made in working more considerately. Secondly, the Monitor was able to suggest other ways we can help improve our image, as well as the relationships we have with our neighbours, contractors and clients. During work on a domestic conversion project, our client noted what a “professional outfit we were”, and was “very impressed with the site”.

The one thing I have learnt in the construction industry is that it all comes down to detail, and the Considerate Constructors Scheme has helped me focus on what’s important as well as helping me make the changes in a cost effective way. Little things like keeping the site clean; I now build in a cost in tender. Appearance is important, and all staff now wear company branded PPE which is cleaned regularly so it lasts longer and staff take better care of it.

I have to admit, I was cynical at first, thinking this was just another scheme that requires you to pay a fee and get no value back; but this is not true. Realising the benefits of registering has meant I have even encouraged some of my subcontractors to join the Scheme as I know that they too will find value from doing so.

If any of my subcontractors have registered, I check their recent Scheme scores to review how they have been performing, and hopefully improving. One of my subcontractors had a recent score of 35 which was a vast improvement on their first score of 30. This gives me the confidence that they are working to the standards that I expect.

I’m pleased to report that on my last Monitor visit, I scored a 36, which is extremely satisfying. Due to the practices we have put in place to become a more considerate constructor, I’m pleased to report that I have started my third contract with the architect Phillip Bury. By displaying and promoting my registration with the Scheme, I have experienced financial gain that far surpasses any tenders coming from other prequalification organisations.

I am fully committed to the Scheme, as I have had the rewards of affirmation that what we do as a company is acknowledged by an outside auditor. I have had the financial reward as I am building lasting relationships with both architects and clients which generate more contracts. I also get the reward through seeing my subcontractors grow and feel good about what they represent as constructors working in the industry.

I have nothing but praise and admiration for the Considerate Constructors Scheme and the way it is adding value to the businesses that register and wish to make a long-lasting contribution towards improving our image.

In the (very) distant future as I near retirement age, I know it will be difficult to leave this incredible industry, so who knows, perhaps one day I will be the one monitoring and encouraging others to work more considerately. But then again, there’s always golf…

Please visit Brian Power Building Ltd’s website by clicking here to view some of the projects they have worked on and testimonials from the people they have worked with.