Most Considerate Company 2012

The Considerate Constructors Scheme's National Company Awards 2012 Most Considerate Company. 

Presented to: 

Peter Norris (Haulage) Ltd


Peter Norris is an established waste management company based in Orpington and serves the areas of South London, North Kent and East Surrey.

The level of personal attention and strategically tailored support given to each client by this company's directors and managers is undoubtedly second to none.

At the start of each site's operations, the client is provided with a bespoke manual which not only identifies the insurance and compliance issues regarding skips, but also details the specific waste procedures and landfill avoidance. This assists in the successful execution of safe and efficient waste management for each individual site.

Further to this, the initial preparation includes the calculating of site space and identifying programme schedules for each project, complemented by an ongoing review of site arrangements as the works progress, to ensure the best possible service levels continue to suit changing needs. As well as cost and practicality, this review takes into account the project's carbon footprint and aims to lessen this through switching vehicle engines off when waiting, accurate time-slot deliveries, and the provision of display signage for landfill avoidance statistics.

Appearance of both Norris drivers and vehicles are undoubtedly of a benchmark standard. All employees display an extremely helpful attitude and are immaculately presented in clean company branded uniforms, matched by remarkable vehicle and container appearance. This, in addition to precise collection and delivery times, prompted a main contractor to comment that Peter Norris would strongly feature in their top three suppliers.

Through the sheer level of care and consideration in every aspect of their operations, this company lends itself to being a role model towards which the industry can aspire.

In his report, the Scheme Monitor comments: "The high level of independent praise given to Peter Norris Haulage by their clients is truly exceptional, and it is clear that they are committed to continually improving their own and their clients' image. This is not only a success for the waste and recycling trade, but an exemplar performance within its peer group and the entire industry."