Gold Award winners

Please see below for the companies who were awarded a Gold Award at the Considerate Constructors Scheme's National Company Awards 2012.

A-one+ Integrated Highway Services Area 14


A-One Plus is a leading provider of road construction and repair services to the Highways Agency, undertaking projects throughout the UK.

Scheme monitoring included several visits to the company's £147 million term resurfacing and repair work to a major M1 slip road, demonstrating exceptional core standards of considerate construction together with an exemplary policy of constant performance improvement. All road engineering projects have the potential for major disruption, but this company's efforts succeed in keeping this to an absolute minimum.

Excellent active relations are achieved with local bodies including the police and media, and an impressive balance of formal and informal communications with site neighbours is evident. This dialogue helps stimulate the establishment of a number of impressive initiatives ranging from energy saving to wildlife conservation, and many examples of local support have been observed, including charity fundraising and the voluntary clearing of bordering pathways.

Environmental awareness is of an equally high level with new measures constantly introduced, including road kill reports and CO2 tracker systems. The culture of cleanliness is clearly embraced at all staff levels, resulting in an extremely well-presented site and surroundings that deliver an outstanding impression of the industry.

Elev8 Interiors Ltd


Centred around London and the Home Counties, Elev8 Interiors specialises in the design and delivery of high grade refurbishments and office fit-out projects, complete with annual maintenance agreements.

This company demonstrates great commitment and a real will towards being a considerate constructor. Through the re-use of existing materials and fitments wherever possible including floor panels, insulation, condensers and a full security system, it is evident that environmental awareness is crucial to this company's operations. Site signage is particularly well-utilised, both to promote Scheme membership and display important information regarding access for those with mobility difficulties.

Equal attention is given to the control of noise and dust with notable suppression techniques in place. Noisy working is also re-scheduled to avoid disturbances to neighbours, and the overall success of these combined efforts is confirmed through gestures made by surrounding communities to show their gratitude.

In comparative terms, the projects upon which this award has been judged were of relatively small scale, and yet the standards targeted and reached echoed those more generally found on much larger undertakings with greater resources. This is a particularly remarkable achievement and deserves high praise for the company.

Goldsmith Construction Ltd


Based in Kent, Goldsmith Construction undertake a range of different projects of varying scales, including the construction of an ultra-modern home upon which the monitoring for this award was based.

The location of this particular site was in a tightly bounded residential conservation area with limited parking and access, requiring significant care and consideration to minimise neighbour disruption. Prior to the works commencing, a letter drop to local residents established a successful relationship, and an open web blog was made accessible to neighbours and passing public alike to comment on plans and progress. With site activity limited only to consistent working hours, and normally noisy works such as pile driving avoided through the use of vibration systems, an outstanding level of care was shown towards anyone affected by this project. In addition, deliveries were requested in small vehicles to minimise offload disruption.

On the site itself, extensive use was made of sustainable materials and those recycled from other sites, while energy conservation and waste minimisation policies were clearly of great importance. The welfare facilities were maintained in immaculate order, and this ethic extended to the boundary fencing which was extremely smart, presenting an excellent industry image.

With work experience and apprenticeships on offer to new starters and awareness of the Scheme strongly promoted to all staff, this company shows a remarkable commitment to the aims of the Scheme, making it no surprise that this is their second Gold Award winning year.

Ivybuild Ltd


Centred around the South East of the UK, Ivybuild delivers a range of projects involving refurbishment, new build and fit-out to industrial, commercial and leisure clients.

Scheme awareness, commitment and promotion is clearly a focal point for this company, with all vehicles well-presented and carrying the CCS logo. Scheme information is also provided to site neighbours to show the high standards they can expect during the works. Such standards are consistently delivered via a number of measures including the use of low-noise and battery-operated equipment, immaculately presented working areas, and detailed waste control procedures. Many of the properties undergoing works are occupied which can pose a number of difficulties, however the level of care taken, through operative identification and scheduled work times results in the successful reassurance of the residents, much to their gratitude.

Of particular note on one site was voluntary effort made and backed by the company, in giving helpful instruction classes to residents for the ongoing decoration, minor repairs and general maintenance of their homes.

These elements combined are complemented by consistently high safety scores and an atmosphere of friendliness and professionalism generated by the site team, making it a benchmark example of outstanding considerate practice.

K & A Construction


Based in Sunbury on Thames in Middlesex, K & A Construction principally carries out extension and refurbishment works for the public sector working with local authorities and housing associations.

The site upon which this award has been based comprised the construction of a loft conversion and single storey extension to a semi-detached home in Middlesex, however this company's dedication and real will to deliver considerate construction is clearly demonstrated within all areas of their operations.

Environmental commitment is central to this company's objectives and as such is demonstrated at a very high level, especially with regard to energy conservation. Plasticised signs are displayed over all switches to ensure minimal use, with further signs encouraging effective resource management and environmental best practice. Car sharing for operatives is employed wherever possible, and the mileages for both operatives and visitors continually monitored. Further measures including recycling activities being reported regularly to the company head office, show that the level of environmental awareness successfully remains consistent regardless of site size and scale.

Site safety and occupational health are given similar care, through formal weekly inspections by the site manager and regular toolbox talks for operatives. An impressive company equalities policy is also in place as well as individually tailored training plans for all employees.

Despite the size and short duration of the project visited, no area of considerate site practice was neglected and an obvious commitment to constant improvement was identified. Coupled to a clean and tidy presentation throughout, this delivered a highly professional impression which was of great credit to the aims of the Scheme.

L M Construction Ltd


This Scottish construction company, based in East Kilbride, covers a range of projects including civil and public works.

The principle of effective safety management is central to this company's considerate efforts, with independent health and safety consultants monitoring each site monthly and site managers who are required to attend monthly safety meetings at the company's head office. Further measures include site specific health and safety plans being regularly updated as works progress, and operatives similarly motivated via ongoing initiatives such as caption competitions.

The same high level of commitment exists for the Scheme, which is an ongoing management agenda item and widely promoted on the site via posters, toolbox talks and CCS booklets issued to all staff following induction. Operatives are made aware of and clearly embrace their considerate responsibilities, and exceptionally high standards of courtesy and site cleanliness are demonstrated.

Careful thought towards site neighbours and the local communities is shown in a number of ways including the advanced careful planning of deliveries to avoid traffic congestion, assistance in the removal of rubbish from local facilities, and extensive support for local charities. All these facets combine to produce well-managed and well-presented site areas that deserve recognition for being a definite credit to the industry.

Nantucket Group

Based in Weybridge, Surrey, this company specialises in the construction, extension and remodelling of high grade individual homes.

This company's consideration of site neighbours definitely exceeds a benchmark standard, with all local residents contacted via letter drops and personal visits by site managers prior to commencement. Scheme membership and objectives are communicated and promoted, and thoughtful gestures carried out for neighbouring properties, such as the supply and installation of temporary verge posts to prevent parking. These efforts are supported by weekly newsletter updates including photos to show progress.

On the sites themselves, the particular care taken in external presentation is evident, with the protection of trees and their roots clearly being a key company objective through extensive use of permeable membranes and raised walkways. Existing facades and brickwork is also taken into consideration, and the re-use of all materials including timber and roof tiles is standard practice.

Further high scores have been achieved for exemplary safety measures and accountability, and the overall work ethic is of an incredibly high standard. Taken together, these exceptional features prompted the Scheme Monitor to comment:

"This site should be opened to show others how to do it. It is a real pleasure to visit sites where the requirements of the Scheme are almost second nature for everyone involved".

NWPS Construction Ltd


Based in Chester and North Wales, NWPS Construction undertakes a wide range of building modification services for local authorities, commercial and domestic clients.

The commitment of this company to considerate construction is clearly evident in every area of its operations. All operatives are made fully aware of the company's objectives and all are expected to contribute towards their own and NWPS's image, through spotless presentation and the utmost respect for one another and the surrounding community. Interaction with clients and local residents is paramount and exceptionally well-managed through constant communication, while overall appearance is equally important.

Only FSC certified timber is used and the re-use of materials widely observed, while extra care is given to the environment through initiatives like escape boards for stray wildlife. The company has proactive Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policies, with copies kept at each site location. Many examples of special arrangements made for the needs of both clients and neighbours have also been executed.

Above all, the presentation of everything from scaffolding and its netting to company vehicles is immaculate and Scheme participation strongly promoted. Each site reaches exemplar standards and this company deserves great praise for its achievement.

Peter Norris (Haulage) Ltd

Peter Norris (Haulage) Ltd were also awarded the presitigious title of Most Considerate Company 2012.

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Safe Property Specialists Ltd


Safe Property Specialists undertake total refurbishment contracts including repairs, maintenance and refurbishment work for properties in the West Midlands area. They act as both sole contractors but also as sub-contractors on larger scale projects.

This company consistently shows exemplary levels of consideration toward tenants and residents when carrying out internal work to public areas.

In addition to introductory letters and the extensive provision of contact cards, standard practice includes a detailed system for identifying potentially noisy working periods, and every effort made to significantly reduce any impact. Site managers adopt a friendly and flexible stance when dealing with such difficulties, which is clearly appreciated. Presentation and tidiness maintained in all work areas is equally valued, and the high standard of clean up on completion leaves an excellent impression of both the company and the industry.

The site team makes every effort to engage with the local community through a number of goodwill gestures, including attendance at a care home facility as well as the provision of fencing and refreshments for a local event. A strict code of behavioural practice is embraced by all operatives, who are exceptionally well presented.

With well-maintained company vehicles, prominent Scheme signage and careful attention to recycling and energy conservation, this company creates an excellent all round impression of the industry, and this prompted the Scheme Monitor to comment: "This is exactly what the Considerate Constructors Scheme is advocating across Britain; well done!"