Client Partner Q&A

Crossrail Limited is the newest organisation to join the Scheme’s Client Partnership initiative. Industry Image finds out why the organisation decided to apply for Client Partnership and what they hope to benefit from it.

How did you hear about Client Partnership?

Through a conversation with a CCS Monitor during a more general briefing regarding the Scheme.

Why did you decide to apply to become a Client Partner?

Our aim is to ensure that Europe’s biggest engineering project is a high-profile exemplar in being considerate, and in raising the game in minimising inconvenience from major construction work. Crossrail’s Environmental Minimum Requirements set a very high overall standard for construction, exceeding those of the Code in some respects, and our membership will be of mutual benefit in benchmarking and setting expectations for future projects.

What do you think the benefits to your company will be by becoming a Client Partner?

The ability to present and recognise the consistently high performance of Crossrail contractors in an overall manner, demonstrating the standards now being set by Crossrail as an exemplar for major infrastructure projects and demonstrating social responsibility.

How will you ensure your contractors sign up to the Scheme?

We have always done this - it is a contractual requirement. We will continue to do so.