Longcross' EGP

In the last Industry Image, Longcross Construction told us a tale about one of their operatives attempting to climb Mount Everest in aid of tragically ill Nepalese children.

Longcross have since got back in touch with Industry Image to tell us some other examples of good practice they have put in place on their Castle Mill project – and there’s one for each section of the Code of Considerate Practice!

Longcross has been contracted by the University of Oxford to construct new graduate accommodation. The Castle Mill scheme is made up of 11 buildings split into a total of 312 units, comprising of a mixture of single, double and two bed accommodation. Read on to see how they have incorporated the Scheme into their project.


The local community requested a footbridge over the existing Thames subsidiary waterway to allow a safe crossover. Longcross were able to erect a temporary bridge until a more permanent solution can be constructed by the council.


In partnership with Adept Sustainable Energy Limited, Oxford University and South East Water Limited, Longcross have been trialling a de-centralised Wastewater Treatment Plant (WwTP) using anaerobic digestion to convert human black-pipe effluent into grey water - the installation of this packaged WwTP unit being a first for the UK. The system uses a revolutionary organic bio-active complex (Additive) which consumes all organic components as it flows through the WwTP unit, resulting in no organic matter entering the existing foul water infrastructure. The WwTP unit has EN 12566 - 3:2005+A1:2009 certification allowing the grey water to be sent straight to the existing water course. The WwTP unit uses no chemicals or power and works simply by microbial action on the nutrient locked within the human effluent. The process is scalable from domestic to industrial levels and produces grey water following a commissioning period. At Castle Mill, the WwTP unit has been connected into the site toilets, with the grey water being fed into hog tanks for re-use and water sampling purposes.

The site also took part in a one day event, organised by the public, to help clean the River Thames, removing general litter and the odd shopping trolley!


Site perimeter checks are undertaken daily and nearby roads are swept regularly. Longcross promote an ethos of good housekeeping so all facilities are tidy and well-kept.

The team have incorporated a ‘Naming & Shaming’ process for the operatives on site. This is placed by the team to incorporate a clean and tidy appearance not only for new members of the workforce who join the site but also visitors, clients and general public. The operation of the ‘Name & Shame’ process is everybody is aware that is something is seen that shouldn’t be carried out then to inform the site management of what has been seen that shouldn’t be carried out on site. For example; if someone is seen on site drinking a can of fizzy beverage. Then the person who caught the person not following the site rules would report to the site management. It’s up to the discretion of the site management to decide the punishment for example a tool box talk or a disciplinary procedure. The person is then ‘Named & Shamed’ on the notice board and removed once seen doing good and benefiting the site.

Good Neighbour

Crisis is a national charity for homeless people and has been operating extensively to provide assistance in the Oxford area. As part of their fundraising operations they operate a café in the centre of Oxford. Longcross approached Crisis with a view to them operating our on-site catering facility. Through this arrangement, Longcross aim to assist in raising money for the charity whilst also providing their workforce with the benefit of high quality food from a varied menu. At the end of the project they will collate all the profits made throughout the duration and donate the money to the charity.


To minimise the effect of road traffic in the local area and avoid parking congestion, Longcross supplied a fleet of bikes, liveried in CCS, Oxford and Longcross logos. The bikes have become so successful that Oxford has asked Longcross to provide the University with similar liveried bikes. Eagle-eyed fans of ITV1 drama Lewis may have spotted these bikes in the background of an episode which featured the Magdalen College.


altThe site is based near a cyclist accident black spot, so traffic marshals are employed to ensure safe egress off site.

As part of Child Safety Week, the team at Castle Mill asked Ivor Goodsite to join them for a three-day event in which they invited the local Beaver club to learn about the importance of safety and construction in general. The children were asked for fill out a children’s induction form and were issued with PPE. They were given site tours, as well as participating in activities such as hunting the hazard with Ivor and poster competitions, where the winning entry was put up at the entrance of the site.


Currently we have a placement student from Oxford Brookes – William Harris who is studying Construction Project Management he has been with the team since August and will be on site till the new semester starts in September 2013 – This benefits him with his learning and development out on site and continues to strive for knowledge within the Construction Industry. William has settled in with the project very well and Longcross continue to offer both placement and graduates positions within the company both for the development of tomorrow’s construction vision.


Four Scheme banners and six Scheme flags are placed on the satellite areas of the site to ensure members of the public are fully aware of the site’s commitment to considerate construction.