Monitor reports

This is now a two page report with a high level summary on page 1 and detailed notes on page 2. The first page includes the site description, a summary of the scoring and an executive summary, as well as recording any innovative activities witnessed. Page 2 shows the Monitor's notes against all five sections.

The executive summary will highlight those good things have been done to achieve the score as well as what needs to be addressed to achieve a higher score.

Within the second page of the report, bold italic comments will be used to identify any shortfalls or to identify potential areas for improvement. They may also highlight where more attention could be paid to achieve a higher score.

As a score of 8 or more indicates that the site has addressed all relevant questions on the Checklist but hasn't done anything exceptional to warrant a score of 9, or anything innovative to warrant a 10, the Monitor's report may not contain any bold italic comments. It is therefore the responsibility of the site manager to consider what needs to be done to achieve a higher score.

Monitor reports are a reflection of what was witnessed, and the information that was provided, in response to the Checklist questions at the time of the visit.

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