Site Registration fees

From the start of 2013 the Scheme's Site Registration fees are changing. As the Scheme continues to develop, the expectations placed on it change and the Scheme has had to diversify in what it offers to the industry and to those who register. This fee change is the first made by the Scheme since 2006 and is necessary to ensure the Scheme's on-going ability to carry out its role within the industry.

An additional fee band is also being added for sites with a value of over £10 million. This new band is to address the fact that sites of this size require a more comprehensive monitoring process, and the inclusion of this fee means the Scheme can ensure all these sites continue to receive a thorough visit from its Monitors.

Fee band2012 fee2013 fee
Less than £100,000£100 + VAT£100 + VAT
£100,000 - £500,000£200 + VAT£210 + VAT
£500,000 - £5m£400 + VAT£415 + VAT
£5m - £10m£600 + VAT£620 + VAT
Over £10m
£825 + VAT

Fees for Company Registration remain unchanged.