Camley Street


Camley Street is a registered site by contractor Mansell Construction Services Ltd and received an excellent score of 46 out of 50 from their last Monitor visit.

Mansell discusses with Industry Image how they have incorporated the Scheme into the project and a few of their examples of good practice.

Please can you describe the project you are working on?

Camley Street is a new build, highly sustainable mixed use development supporting the regeneration of the local area. The project comprises of three linked blocks of accommodation consisting of residential flats, student residences, incubator office space, café, and a retail unit, together with landscaped external spaces at ground and various roof levels for a long term repeat client, Urbanest. The scheme will provide:

  • Accommodation for 319 students across a variety of 87 student cluster types.
  • 40 residential flats for market let in 2, 3 and 4-bedroom arrangements.
  • The 'Incubator' office space designed to engage and support local emerging businesses.
  • A café and retail unit.
  • Redevelopment of the public realm including the reconfiguration and enhancement of the access to the tow-path.

How have you incorporated the Scheme into your site?

We have successfully delivered a number of schemes for our client, Urbanest who is fully committed to the CCS having seen the benefits from previous schemes. They are very focused on continually improving performance on this scheme.

The CCS was addressed at procurement stage by our Senior Project Manager drawing on lessons learnt from our other recent high performing schemes in the area, adapted to address the specific challenges of this scheme. We also engaged with the whole project team to come up with a strategy and get individual buy in.

An action plan was formed with input from the whole team which included a Community Engagement Plan, incorporating local employment/apprentices and supporting local charities. Our commitments were outlined within our Project Management Plan as well as methods of attainment. Our London delivery unit also has a dedicated Operational Standards Team in place supporting the project delivery team to manage and to continually improve our CCS performance on site.

Since the beginning of the project, what challenges have you faced?

At Camley Street, we are targeting the innovation credits within the CCS section of BREEAM; this involves attaining a high score of at least 40/50 which also meant addressing each section of the overall scoring to achieve the best possible marks. Particular challenges facing this project included:

  • Traffic Management including minimising our impact with local businesses operations (deliveries and access) on a busy road route.
  • Close proximity of canal including the closure of pathways.
  • Addressing local neighbours needs.
  • Special consideration given to a local deaf School.
  • Confined site area with small footprint.

How have you been able to overcome these?

The teams approach to CCS began with the naming of an on-site CCS Champion. This role was written into the PMP and involved producing a CCS action plan containing the full criteria to gain a high score alongside actions to meet each.

A series of meetings have been implemented throughout the project programme; the first was to run through the full scheme criteria to collect ideas from every team member which was then placed into the CCS action plan. The input from the varying individuals of the delivery team was key to attaining a high score. Particular challenges the project team have overcome include:

  • Adapting our Council approved proposed traffic management plan following face to face meetings with a local business. We adapted our approach to continually allow them to have deliveries to their facilities as well as giving them access to our delivery schedules and changing the temporary road closure layout.
  • We identified when we put in temporary tow path closures that people were finding wayfinding a particular challenge. We initially put a tear away map mounted on a notice board which proved effective, but people were still not following directions. We therefore put in place a Marshall when tow path works were being undertaken, who personally directed people on the correct route.

As well as external audits by the CCS Monitor, internal audits are undertaken by our Operational Standards Team who give feedback on individual projects performance against other sites as well as offering best practice and advice. Following meetings and site inspections which ensure individuals are fulfilling the action plan requirements we also address any improvements that could be implemented.

Could you detail a few examples of good practice you have put in place on site?

  • The project held a 'Meet the Buyer' event for local suppliers allowing them the opportunity to meet the team and offer opportunities from the project.
  • The perimeter of the site is enclosed by a decorated hoarding with mesh gates which allow a view of what is going on inside.
  • A site bike was provided for team members who were working across multiple sites within the Camden area to use with cycle training offered.
  • The site ran a NHS quit smoking campaign.
  • The project signed up to Recipro, a social enterprise who take waste materials and donate to the local community and/or charities.
  • Commitment to local charities and outreach programmes including Global Generation supported by Lunch and Learn events.
  • Rewards schemes in place for project team members who support or suggest best practice across the site along with a suggestion box.
  • Dedicated project website site informing local communities with news and updates.
  • Displaying a map on the project noticeboard of various faith centers in the local area.

It is these initiatives and the teams positive approach to improving the image of construction that has helped us achieved a score of 46/50 including an innovation score in 'Caring for the Workforce'.


Any other comments?

Client commitment and a joined up approach has helped us to continually improve our performance. The Client has fully supported the project teams which has helped motivate and keep a continual focus on this scheme.

Addressing CCS at the procurement stage with a nominated resource has allowed us to plan, implement and share best practice.

We have full buy-in across the project including the management, the workforce and the wider project team, and they are supported by our processes and feedback from other projects within the area allowing us to continually improve our performance. Our client, Urbanest have provided the following feedback on the team's performance to date.

"Amazing work team Camley. It takes a large investment in time and a lot of care to get scores this high, so well done, keep up the exceptional work.'' Angus Kearin, Projects Director, Urbanest.