A new tongue


Miller Construction Ltd (MCL) is the principal contractor of the prestigious Pontio Arts and Innovation Centre for Bangor University. The building will provide a 450 seat theatre, studio theatre, cinema, restaurant, bars, a new Students Union building and teaching and learning spaces equipped with the latest technology.

Being in the heart of North Wales, Miller Construction and the Pontio site team have embraced the Welsh language and are enthusiastic and committed to incorporating Welsh language into daily life and in supporting Welsh speakers and learners.

Supporting MCL in achieving this is S4C presenter Nia Parry (pictured third from right in the top image). Nina came on-board as the projects Community Engagement Officer.

Nia suggested to MCL about linking up with Pontio and the bilingual TV programme on S4C that she presents, 'Hwb.' MCL therefore invited a film crew from Fflic TV to visit the site to hear some of the experiences of the team; those that speak Welsh daily and those that are just beginning to have a go at a few phrases. Directors Gwil and Cai spent the morning interviewing many of the sites Welsh speakers.


Nia also delivered a 'Taster Session' for Welsh beginners to anyone on site who wanted to learn the basics. The session was highly entertaining and Nia was incredibly supportive, despite the bad pronunciation!

The footage featured in a September episode of 'Hwb', which goes out at 5pm Sundays on S4C.