A most considerate year


Over the last 12 months, the Considerate Constructors Scheme has seen registrations rise as an ever increasing number of construction sites and companies across the UK commit to improving the image of construction.

Construction sites and companies have registered with the Scheme in record numbers this year as each one realises the importance of promoting considerate construction, and enjoying the benefits it brings.

As 2013 comes to an end, registrations show no signs of slowing down as the number of sites and companies that are registering with the Scheme continue to outperform last year. Not only does this continue to demonstrate the Scheme's positive influence in the industry, registrations are also increasing because the industry is on the rise. As reported in publications such as Construction News and the FT Adviser, the industry is recovering from the last few years' struggles and with this comes a new hope and optimism, and a chance to rebuild the industry for the better.

This year has also seen the Scheme reach a number of important milestones in its history. Back in January, the Scheme announced it had hit its 100,000th Monitor visit, and a few months later, it's 70,000th registered site – just a little over a year since hitting 60,000.


Also in January, the Scheme published a new Code of Considerate Practice, the first time it had been revised since it all began back in 1997. Though this was not a change to the core values of the Scheme or its aim, it posed a new challenge to the industry and set ever-higher standards to aim for. The industry accepted this challenge and is raising the standards of consideration, making people from outside of the industry rethink their perception of construction.

Following on from this, site managers of registered sites have been praising the Scheme's Monitors, and according to a survey, many are extremely happy with the Scheme. When a site receives its Monitor report after each visit, they are able to take a survey which lets the Scheme know how they felt. The last quarter's results show that sites are extremely satisfied and appreciative of the Monitor visits and enjoy being able to discuss what the site has been doing to improve the image of construction. Although the Monitor is there to assess the site against the Code, site managers find real value in being able to discuss the project and learn from the Monitor's experience. In Q3 alone, site managers have praised Monitors for their industry knowledge, expert advice and helpful guidance which have been of great benefit to registered sites.

Both the 2013 National Site and National Company Awards were the biggest and best yet, with the Scheme presenting the highest number of awards ever to the most considerate construction sites and companies. The awards showcase the very best of the UK construction industry which grow year on year and have become an important date in any construction professional's diary.

Next year looks set to improve on what has already been achieved in 2013, with the Scheme planning on introducing numerous initiatives to aid registered sites and companies in improving the image of construction.

The Scheme would like to thank every registered site and company for their support and for making 2013 such a considerate year.