Ceremony dates and presenters


The Scheme's National Site Awards 2013 were held across 11 ceremonies which took place in Edinburgh, Manchester and London. Each awards ceremony is presented by a special guest, who is a leading industry figure in construction. Please see below for the presenters and dates of the 2013 National Site Awards.

Monday 15 April, Edinburgh

michael-levackPresenter: Michael Levack
Executive Director, Scottish Building Federation

Tuesday 16 April, Manchester

stephen-hodderPresenter: Stephen Hodder MBE
Chairman, President Elect, Royal Institute of British Architects

Wednesday 17 April, Manchester

roy-stewartPresenter: Roy Stewart
Director, Constructing Excellence in the North West

Thursday 18 April, Manchester

martin-powellPresenter: Martin Powell
Chief Executive, Institution of Structural Engineers

"The construction industry is one of the world's most important. We bring ideas, designs and concepts to life with incredible technical skill and expertise. Our work collaboratively within the built environment impacts on how we all live and shape our world; with safety being of paramount importance. The image we present to the general public is therefore a vital ingredient of what we collectively stand for.

"It is an honour to be presenting at these awards which are a fantastic opportunity for those that endeavour to maintain and exceed standards on their construction site and to showcase their professionalism in the field.

"My sincerest congratulations go to all who have been nominated. I commend them for the part they play in promoting the values of the Considerate Constructors Scheme by portraying an efficient and respectful image of the construction industry."

Tuesday 23 April, London

chris-blythePresenter: Chris Blythe
Chief Executive, The Chartered Institute of Building

"It is even more important than ever for construction to be able to put its best face forward and impress our communities about how serious we are about our sites. After all, it is from these communities that we will recruit our next generation of constructors and they need to feel that they are joining a responsible industry."

Wednesday 24 April, London

paul-everallPresenter: Paul Everall CBE
Chief Executive/ Vice-President, LABC/ CEBC

"It is always a pleasure to celebrate success, and never more so than at a time when the industry has suffered so much as in the last 5 years. All of the winners have demonstrated exceptional levels of consideration to the public and others, and I congratulate them. Companies that demonstrate this are also often the ones who work most closely with building control bodies, and ensure that all of the requirements of the Building Regulations are met."

Thursday 25 April, London

barry-clarkePresenter: Barry Clarke
President, Institution of Civil Engineers

"We are delighted to see construction sites and companies considering the environmental and societal impacts of their work, and displaying their commitment to best practice. The winners of the CCS awards should feel extremely proud that they are not only setting the standard for others to achieve, but also importantly, promoting the positive image of a construction industry that is mindful and efficient."

Tuesday 30 April, London

mark-farrarPresenter: Mark Farrar
Chief Executive, CITB-ConstructionSkills

"We are delighted to support the Considerate Constructors Scheme's National Site Awards in 2013. CITB believes in making a difference – to our industry, the people that work in it and the communities that we serve.

"Our industry is one of the largest in the UK and a beacon for other nations, who seek out our engineers and construction workers to build iconic projects overseas. What's more, we lead the world on considerate construction and considerate techniques are fast becoming the very fabric of our industry.

"As Chief Executive of CITB, I am delighted to be here today to celebrate with those that have gone over and above their statutory obligations to create a long and lasting legacy."

Wednesday 1 May, London

diana-montgomeryPresenter: Diana Montgomery
Chief Executive, Construction Products Association

"The Considerate Constructors Scheme has a huge role to play in improving the image of the construction industry in the UK and its success is demonstrated with continued growth despite the recession. It is clear that the industry acknowledges the benefits of supporting the Scheme and the importance of working to minimise the impact of projects on the public, neighbours and the environment. The Construction Product Association would like to congratulate the winners and to thank them for setting the standard for our sector."

Thursday 2 May, London

nick-baveystockPresenter: Nick Baveystock
Director General, Institution of Civil Engineers

"Construction has recognised the real value that accrues from a considerate approach. Working for, with and in communities sets us apart from many other industries. We really do shape people's lives. The CCS Awards reflect the step change constructors have made in their relationship with society. They provide real examples of best international practice and a benchmark to which others now aspire. We must build on this success; seeking constantly to raise the standards."

Friday 3 May, London

julia-evansPresenter: Julia Evans
Chief Executive, National Federation of Builders

"The National Site Awards once again demonstrate all that is good about the UK construction industry. After the worst trading conditions in a generation it is to the credit of all those involved that they continue to give their very best endeavours. There are always examples of outstanding achievement in these awards which serve to show the industry off, quite rightly, to the world at large."