Plymouth - Life Centre

2013-MCS-runners-up-larger-logoPlymouth - Life Centre
Presented to: Jim McGee
Contractor: Balfour Beatty Construction Scottish & Southern Ltd
Client: Plymouth City Council

This high profile project in Plymouth, Devon, required the demolition of redundant buildings to provide improved and extensive green areas, plus an area for car parking.

The dedication of this site to improving all ability levels was evidenced by its training facility, which was described by the Scheme Monitor as "the best I have ever seen". Regular sessions on all topics including safety were delivered by senior industry professionals. Attention to community interaction and support was equally detailed, with extensive events and initiatives carried out both in the immediate and further site vicinities. These were complemented by excellent public viewing arrangements, including a special viewing point with remote virtual TV. A site hoarding painting competition was judged by the local councillor, and featured the subject of a famous dog-walking track from the area.

The commitment to conservation was evident through the re-use of excavated materials on site and the transportation of used materials to other sites for re-use. Local labour was extensively employed and 14 apprenticeships commenced.

With over 1200 students and 300 group visits carried out, the site was on regular public display where its friendliness, cleanliness and professionalism created a first class image of the industry at work.