20 Fenchurch Street


2013-MCS-runners-up20 Fenchurch Street
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd
Client: 20 Fenchurch Street (GP) Ltd

This City of London joint venture project involved the construction of an iconic 38-storey prestige office block including a public roof garden.

To keep the general public constantly up to date with site developments, three large media screens were erected around the perimeter of the site, as well as one at the site entrance, to include statistics and support information on the project. This was reinforced by regular meetings and by the staging of 'Meet the Team' coffee days for anyone wishing to talk about the works. Community involvement was at the forefront of this project's activities with money raised for their adopted charity, Wheelbase, through suggestion cards, a football prediction challenge, a five-a-side football tournament and various other donations. Practical help was also given to local churches, a gym and several site neighbours. Through a job brokerage scheme, operated together with all site contractors, ten work experience placements for local unemployed people have been created with 12 more soon to be inducted.

A strong safety ethic was underpinned by monthly staff assessments and regular seminars, while an impressive and unique study was commenced on dust generation. The results of this will be shared with the City of London for future air quality plans.

At every level, this well-presented site attended to the detail of considerate construction while creating new initiatives, and represented a strong example for others to follow.