Library of Birmingham


2013-MCS-runners-upLibrary of Birmingham
Presented to: Carillion Project Team
Contractor: Carillion Building
Client: Birmingham City Council

Destined to be the world's largest public library, this Birmingham construction site is located in the busy city centre and is tightly bordered.

The Scheme Monitor noted a firm policy of constant considerate improvement, with new or improved initiatives introduced at every site visit. A lot of thought was given to the use of alternative energy, and as a result early commissioning of the CHP unit, the site was able to use the electricity generated and also sell it back to the grid. High quality welfare facilities were also in place showing state of the art provision, and these were immaculately maintained. The site also recruited and trained local labour, and a partnership initiative with a nearby prison has resulted in two operatives now working on the site.

A high level of safety awareness was also noted, complemented by the introduction of instant personal feedback on near-miss incidents to ensure that operatives were fully involved in creating safety improvements. Together with an excellent neighbour relations programme and innovative community support initiatives, this site was a flagship for considerate construction techniques.