C405 Paddington Station


2013-MCS-runners-upC405 Paddington Station
Presented to: The Site Team
Contractor: Costain-Skanska JV
Client: Crossrail Ltd

This major infrastructure project required a new underground interchange hub for Crossrail next to London's Paddington station, with significant excavation, diaphragm walling, and a short tunnel to connect with the existing underground lines.

This remains a high profile project, and was particularly so during the Olympic Games when the station was widely used by visitors. Thanks to excellent displays, highly-effective noise suppression, courteous staff and attention to detail, the impression delivered to travellers evidenced the ability to carry out an ongoing transformation in a modern capital city without disrupting its inhabitants. Acoustic tents helped avoid disturbance to neighbouring offices, while careful monitoring through 1200 measurement points ensured that any vibration or movement was tightly controlled. Staff and operatives engaged extensively with local business activities and enjoyed an excellent level of dialogue. Specially constructed welfare areas were provided for drivers while they awaited their delivery slots and for non-project train drivers to rest.

There was also strong engagement with the wider community including careers advice to youngsters and paid internship opportunities. Staff also joined the local school governors on the board, and there were numerous examples of direct support for both individuals and charities.

Despite the heavy and extensive works in progress, this site maintained an immaculate presentation in all areas, and remains a key player in promoting both the Scheme and the construction industry.