Titanic Belfast


2013-MCS-runners-upTitanic Belfast
Presented to: The Site Management Team
Contractor: Harcourt Construction NI Ltd
Client: Titanic Foundation Ltd

Set in Belfast at the site of the original Titanic shipyard, this high-profile project involved the construction of the Titanic tourist attraction encompassing museum, restaurant and conference rooms and slipway.

Engagement with the local community and the general public was of a very high order at this busy site, which has received a large number of pre-opening visitors.

A large TV screen had been erected on the site perimeter and was connected to a high level camera, giving passers-by a real-time update of work progress, while visitor care included one-to-one conducted tours with handsets for the blind or sight impaired. Among the extensive range of activities which contributed to the local community were initiatives involving schools, a local hospice, youth training, and work experience. Both local labour and suppliers were used wherever possible, and operatives were given the opportunity to apply for jobs explaining to tourists the history of Belfast Shipyard and the Titanic experience.

On the site itself, HSE inspectors were so impressed with the high standard of safety that they asked the site manager to share the safety culture with other companies through delivering presentations. Exceptional environmental observation was also noted by the Scheme Monitor. Aided by immaculate presentation of both site and surroundings this project easily exceeded basic Scheme standards and was a superb ambassador for the industry.