Radcliffe Infirmary Site


2013-MCS-runners-upRadcliffe Infirmary Site
Presented to: Mike Morris and John Kenneally
Contractor: Laing O'Rourke Construction Ltd
Client: Oxford University Estates Directorate

Located off a main road into Oxford with colleges adjacent, this project required the major refurbishment of a Grade II listed building which is part of the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter redevelopment.

The generation of 3D models proved a very effective way to make everyone affected aware of access routes and restrictions for the site, in addition to regular meetings with the trade contractors on site which promoted an inclusive 'family approach' to keeping the site clean. Safety and environmental standards were also top scorers, with special arrangement made with the skip contractor for colour coding the waste stream types and over-painting all skips in green for a more pleasant public appearance. Re-useable plastic pallets were specified to avoid wood wastage, and the potential re-use of lifting straps in bed manufacture was also explored.

Pink safety helmets were worn once a month when collecting for breast cancer and the site sponsored a local rugby club. The team also supported an Art Week display by donating materials to schools and forming a viewing point on Banbury road by using a cut out of a child and parent's head. Extensive school interaction was supported by the raising of large sums for charity and a comprehensive health screening programme for site staff.

Taken together with numerous other initiatives, this site achieved exemplary standards of considerate construction and is an excellent ambassador for the industry.