Junction 3 (M32)


2013-MCS-runners-upJunction 3 (M32)
Presented to: Julian Hare and the Junction 3 Site Team
Contractor: Leadbitter Group
Client: Knightstone Housing Association

Situated in an extremely deprived area of Bristol with a poor reputation, this project required the construction of 59 flats, six houses, seven commercial units, a library and a crèche.

Involvement with the local community in this multi-ethnic area was initiated prior to the start of works. The client joined with Leadbitter to fund a tented city event on the site, to encourage the local population to come and find out more about the project. This led to seven separate community groups getting more closely involved and subsequently running events associated with the project. Local workers were extensively employed, and the adjoining youth centre kitchen provided hot food to suit the many ethnicities in the workforce, with ingredients supplied by Leadbitter.

Endless initiatives to improve the area were created by the site team, ranging from environmental development, to litter and needle picks. Particular care and courtesy was shown to the popular nearby Greek Orthodox Church in avoiding any disruption to services.

At a recent Open Day, the local community reported that the work of the site in and around the area has totally changed its nature and appearance into one of which residents can now feel proud. There can be few better considerate legacies.