Marks & Spencer, Ballymena


2013-MCS-runners-upMarks & Spencer, Ballymena
Presented to: David Wellwood and Charlene Jones
Contractor: McLaughlin & Harvey Ltd
Client: Marks & Spencer plc

In a busy town centre, this project required the complete refitting of a Marks and Spencer retail store while it remained open to the public.

Support and care for the workforce led to a real feeling of team involvement at this site. A website titled 'You Matter' was launched for both operatives and management to help deal with work, home and health issues, and to provide advice and guidance for staff. Medical checks were available for all operatives and a high standard of welfare was maintained. The enthusiastic and courteous workforce responded by organising extensive voluntary initiatives within the community, including classroom repainting at a local school and a local area litter-pick. The site manager was actively involved in an Alzheimer's support project, and toys were donated to the local school along with bird tables for environmental studies.

Within the site, energy usage was monitored by an external body and subsequently reduced by 20%, while material wastage was minimised by the innovative development of a floor cladding system to enable ceiling treatment instead of replacement.

Managers from Marks and Spencer were regularly on site and greatly applauded the project management, courtesy and cleanliness of the site. This was reflected when shoppers were interviewed during the works, and reported that they hadn't even noticed them going on. These elements alone were clear evidence of a considerate site at the top of their game.