Meadowhead and Stevenston WP 6.1


2013-MCS-runners-upMeadowhead and Stevenston WP 6.1
Presented to: Steve Mason
Contractor: Morrison Black & Veatch JV
Client: Scottish Water

Also known as the Irvine Bay Improvement Scheme, this undertaking comprises several projects to improve water quality with new pipelines, pumping stations and modifications to combined sewer overflows.

Extensive consideration was afforded to site neighbours and included a full time stakeholder manager permanently on site to notify them of all operations. Open meetings were regularly held while an on-site photo montage proved an eye-catching way of presenting progress updates. Neighbours' access was equally carefully considered when updating the site traffic plan, and one local mother was offered a two-week hotel stay while works took place near her home.

There were numerous goodwill gestures to individuals and the community, including the repair of a water main for a neighbour, the repair and replacement of a wind-blown fence, and a stile built for walkers and anglers. A riverside wall of a popular local inn was underpinned to prevent collapse, and an arboriculturalist retained to plot sewer routes around existing trees.

The degree of consideration and care applied throughout the project easily exceeded standard behaviours, making this a prime example of the beneficial legacy that a considerate constructor can leave with a community.