Lower Todmorden and Walsden FAS Phase 3


2013-MCS-runners-upLower Todmorden and Walsden FAS Phase 3
Presented to: Donald Murray
Contractor: VolkerStevin
Client: Environment Agency

This project required the construction of flood alleviations along the river course at a number of locations in and out of Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

Attention to community interests was at an exceptional level at this site. Concern with motorists' disregard for the red light on the adjoining school's traffic management system prompted the site to pay for police support. Offenders were subsequently required to explain their actions to the pupils directly. During the June floods which devastated the area, site members delivered extensive help to those affected in ensuring their safety and protecting their properties. On one occasion, site members escorted residents back to their homes, armed with prods to identify and avoid upturned underwater manhole covers. These and many other instances of consideration won the team a Gold Award for community support from the Environment Agency.

Environmental focus was also of the highest level. Fish stocks in the lagoons along the river are now higher than at the start of the project, and some 5000 tonnes of gravel has been reclaimed from the flood debris for reuse.

The site also supported the employment of an apprentice to manage the soft landscape areas constructed around the town and maintain them for the future. This tangible legacy joins that of exceptional care and goodwill left at the site by the entire team.