Industry Image | Issue 33 | August 2014 - page 10

Ultra Sites is a new initiative from the Scheme where registered sites employ
the services of registered companies, and goods and materials are sourced from
registered suppliers.
August 2014
Issue 33
Ultra Sites
It has never been more apparent
that this is an industry where
teamwork and collaborative
working are at the heart of every
successful project. With so many
different aspects to a typical
construction project spanning
different companies, sectors and
people, it is vital that there are
clear communication processes
in place, and robust planning and
organisation at all levels.
Since 2009 the Scheme has been
registering trade contractors and
those working in the supply chain
under its Company Registration
initiative. In 2014, Supplier
Registration was developed so that
those companies supplying goods
and materials to sites could also
enjoy the benefits of registration
with the Scheme.
A registered site operating with
registered trade contractors and
suppliers will take considerate
construction to the next level
when it comes to caring for the
community, the workforce and the
environment. This is an Ultra Site.
There are many demands on those
working on a construction site
and it is vital that time, money and
resources are used as effectively
as possible. Companies with
common aims and objectives can
pool resources and inevitably
deliver a higher standard of work
with greater efficiency. Also, with
a collective responsibility, fewer
issues are likely to arise, and where
they do, it is far more likely that
these will be dealt with promptly
and professionally. Working
together also removes overlap
and duplication. Does each trade
contractor need to deal with their
waste separately? Should they
all work individually with the
community? Is it efficient to have
separate inductions, toolbox talks
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