Industry Image | Issue 33 | August 2014 - page 11

August 2014
Issue 33
When it comes to liaising with
those affected by construction
activity, and the wider community,
it is advantageous for the project
to deliver a consistent message,
rather than several companies
communicating separately
often leading to confusion and
Different aspects of the work will
affect the community in different
ways and at different times, e.g.
demolition, drilling, deliveries etc.,
and rather than relying on each
trade contractor to communicate
individually, an all-encompassing
programme of communication
covering all relevant works will
lead to better relationships with
neighbours and less opportunity
for mixed or missed messages.
Working together will bring many
benefits, not just to the community
If you are interested in exploring
the idea of taking your site to
the next level, please contact the
Scheme to discuss how you will
benefit from this exciting new
initiative. Please call
0800 783 1423
or email
Your registered site can become
an Ultra Site when an agreed
number of trade contractors and
suppliers working on that site
are separately registered with
the Scheme. The Scheme offers a
number of benefits to Ultra Sites
to recognise the efforts made
to deliver a more considerate
experience for all, including:
• Initial training and
presentations for site
management and
individual trade contractor
management, carried out
by a Scheme Monitor,
will be available at the
commencement of the
• A collaborative working
approach with the Scheme
to ensure that the site and all
those separately working on
the site achieve the highest
levels of consideration.
• A more cohesive monitoring
programme will be
implemented to identify that
the registered site, companies
and suppliers should be
recognised for collective
• A more thorough reporting
programme will be available
with an annual report detailing
scores and observations across
all visits conducted on an Ultra
• Ultra Site branding which
recognises the commitment
that the site, companies
and suppliers have made
to improving the image of
• Separate awards recognition
to those who operate as Ultra
• Each registered company and
supplier will be monitored
individually so they can
improve upon their own
specific areas, which in turn,
will collectively improve the
whole site.
• Companies and suppliers
remain registered when
undertaking work on other
projects so they can continue
to practice considerate
and the environment, but to those
working on sites, the various
companies involved as well as
the client. The community will
benefit from regular and consistent
communication. The environment
will benefit from better waste
management, and the recycling
and reusing of materials. The
workforce will benefit from better
training, support and facilities,
while working owards the same
shared goal.
Ultra Sites is an
exciting new initiative
which will raise
today’s considerate
standards ever higher.
The opportunity for
main contractors to
work with registered
companies and
suppliers will be
of great benefit
to their sites and
will advance the
industry’s efforts in
improving the image
of construction.
Edward Hardy
Scheme Chief Executive
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