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The Considerate Constructors Scheme is rolling out a revised report template for
second visits on registered sites to help explain any changes in score between the
first and second visit.
Currently the Scheme’s Monitors
revisit a registered site and
complete a brand new report
summarising that visit. The purpose
of the second report is to reflect
that site’s performance at the time
of the visit but also to demonstrate
any changes, positive or negative,
since the first visit. In many
instances this means reiterating
many of the same observations in
the second report that appeared
in the first and it was felt that
this distracted from any changes
After speaking to contractors,
clients and the Scheme’s Monitors,
it was felt that the second report
should focus more on any changes
witnessed since the first visit
with no need to dilute the report
by reiterating comments made
at the first visit or by repeating
observations made where things
have not changed.
The new style second visit report
will now include the scores and
narrative from the first visit with
an addendum highlighting the
changes seen and the new scores
from the second visit. In most
instances, this will highlight
improvements but it may also
occasionally highlight instances
where standards have dropped or
where new areas for development
have been identified. It will clearly
detail and explain any changes
in score between the first and
Revised report template for
second visits
August 2014
Issue 33
second visit, and will still use
bold italic comments to highlight
areas for improvement or further
development. A new Executive
Summary will be written to
reflect the second visit and also
summarise progress. This new
style report should make it much
easier for contractors and clients to
understand and identify progress
witnessed and any changes in
score, whilst still providing a
comprehensive summary of that
site at time of the visit.
This new report will appear on any
second visit where the first visit was
conducted after the 1st May 2014.
To view the new second report
template, click
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