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August 2014
Issue 33
When a registered site and company is emailed their report after the Monitor visit,
included in the email is a link to take a quick survey which they can complete that
tells the Scheme their thoughts on the recent visit.
What sites and companies are
saying about Scheme Monitors
Brian Sweeney
has a really
positive approach. He has
made a number of suggestions
that we have done our best
to implement and these have
made a difference, particularly
with respect to the neighbours
of properties we are working
on and consequently made our
projects run more smoothly.
Luis Alves
Lamabuild Ltd
Roger Tiller
made us feel
very comfortable and he
showed us a few good tips
we will be putting in place
straight away. Please keep up
the great work.
Darren Johnson
Site Manager, Y2K
Construction Ltd
Having never been involved
directly with CCS before I joined
Harvey Shopfitters, the meeting
I had with the Monitor
was both relaxing
and informative. His way of
presenting CCS and its aims was
easy to understand, and he made
me feel at ease while at the same
time discussing how we wish to
improve our way of conducting
the works on site was also easy to
get across.
Tony Batty
Harvey Shopfitters
Every quarter the Scheme reviews the survey results to see what registered sites and companies thought about the
Monitor’s conduct during the visit. All feedback, both positive and negative, is reviewed by the Scheme and used
to ensure it continues to offer the highest levels of service.
Please see below for just some of the great comments the Scheme has received about its Monitors.
An outstanding gentleman, we
would most certainly welcome
Philip Garland
back to our site.
It was a pleasure to engage in
constructive dialogue, as so many
times sites are criticised under
difficult circumstances, but this
was truly helpful. Thank you.
Andrew McMillan
Site Manager, Wates Interiors and
Andrew Agapiou
was very pleasant and willing
to take time to discuss his
findings and offer constructive
criticism. From an operational
point of view, fresh eyes can see
items previously glanced over
or missed, so feedback is very
Site Manager, Mears
I could not fault
your Monitor
- a
very approachable and
helpful man.
Paul Dotchin
JB Specialist
Refurbishments Ltd
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