Industry Image | Issue 33 | August 2014 - page 15

August 2014
Issue 33
The CITB provides a dedicated
apprenticeship service and offers
a wealth of resources to support
companies during the process.
Construction Youth Trust and
Building Lives also feature in the
Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on...’, and the
Scheme has offered its support
to Building Lives’ Homes Work
campaign which aims to encourage
more apprenticeships in the
housing sector.
The Scheme would like to thank
registered sites and companies
for sharing their efforts in raising
awareness of this important
issue. Not only does offering
apprenticeships inspire people to
work in construction and bring
many benefits to local communities,
it helps to secure the industry’s
The Government’s
document looks ahead to
what the UK construction industry
needs to do in order to be at the
forefront of global construction by
2025. One area of action focuses
on the need to improve the image
of the industry which affects how
attractive a career in construction
is to the next generation. The
document highlights that a fall in
apprenticeships is a threat to the
growth of the industry, but through
projecting a better image and
attracting new talent, the industry
will be able to thrive and be well-
placed to make the most out of
future opportunities.
The Scheme will continue to update
its ‘Spotlight on… apprenticeships’
page as new initiatives and case
studies are identified.
Balfour Beatty Managing Director Northern Scotland George Hood (right) swaps jobs with apprentice joiner Matthew Jolly
Ben Dowden, an apprentice with Costain
If you would like to share how
your company is promoting
apprenticeships, please contact
the Scheme by emailing
For more information on the
Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on…
apprenticeships’, click
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