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The 2014 Monitors’ Annual Conference took place on the 3rd July at Stationers’ Hall,
London, where Scheme Monitors and staff from the administration office met and
discussed the latest initiatives and future developments.
August 2014
Issue 33
Overview of the Monitors’
Annual Conference 2014
The day began with an introduction
from new Scheme Chairman Mike
Petter who spoke about the last
16 years and what the Scheme
has achieved since its humble
beginnings back in 1997. Mike
explained that the industry’s
support for the Scheme shows no
sign of wavering, and now that
the industry’s suppliers are able to
register, there is now even more
opportunity for the industry to
promote its considerate efforts.
Mike thanked both Monitors and
the administration staff for their
continued dedication and hard
work which has been integral to the
success of the Scheme today.
The Scheme’s Chief Executive
Edward Hardy then provided an
update on registration statistics,
news and future initiatives which
are currently in development.
Lunch then followed which
provided the opportunity for
Monitors and staff to discuss the
morning’s presentation. During this
time, Mike took the opportunity to
introduce the new structure to the
Scheme’s Board, thanking previous
directors for their contribution
and welcoming those new to the
role. Special mention also went
to Monitors Trevor Fish and Peter
Kingdon for their contribution to
the Scheme’s development over
the years.
The launch the new Scheme
Ambassador was also announced
during the day. The role is given
to some of the Scheme’s most
experienced Monitors to recognise
outstanding service to the Scheme.
Their role is to represent the
Scheme at various industry events
in the future. The first four Scheme
Ambassadors are Robert Biggs,
Trevor Fish, Peter Kingdon and John
Sayers and were presented with a
bespoke tie and cufflink set.
The day closed with Mike once
again thanking all those who
attended for their continued
support. Monitors and staff
found the day both informative
and enjoyable, and was a great
opportunity to meet and discuss
the Scheme.
This event is
a wonderful
opportunity for
the Scheme’s
Monitors to come
together and remind
themselves why
we do what we do
and the important
contribution each
one of them makes
to the Scheme’s
ongoing success.
Mike Petter
Scheme Chairman
The Scheme’s staff and Monitors enjoying lunch at the Annual Conference
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