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Building Lives has partnered up with Inside Housing magazine to launch the Homes
Work campaign. The Scheme was contacted by Building Lives and is delighted to
add its support to this excellent initiative.
August 2014
Issue 33
Scheme supports the Homes
Work campaign
Helping to provide 1,900
apprenticeship and training
opportunities during 2014/15, the
campaign aims to shout about the
brilliant work the housing sector
is already doing in delivering
apprenticeships and employment
opportunities, while driving
organisations to do more and
encourage young people to think
about a career in construction.
The campaign also highlights
that investment in housing brings
additional social benefits to
communities across the UK.
The Homes Works campaign is
doing this by:
• Calling on residential
developers across the UK to
publicly state the number
of apprenticeships they are
providing on building site
• Asking housing associations
and councils to showcase
what they are doing to tackle
unemployment in their own
communities by getting
them to pledge how many
apprenticeships and training
opportunities they provided in
2012/13 and then how many
they will provide directly and
through their supply chains in
• Providing an online resource
that people can use to find
apprenticeships and training
opportunities provided by
housing providers in the UK
The Berkeley Group was the first to
take part in the campaign. Berkeley
Homes North East is a great
supporter of Building Lives. The
campaign showcased Building Lives
apprentice Krystal Monaghan back
in 2010 who now has a permanent
job as Trainee Site Manager at
Kier Kings Cross development
in London. Furthermore, Inside
Housing journalists spent the day
at the Tower Hamlets Academy.
The campaign has won the backing
of all three main political parties
and plaudits from politicians
including housing minister Kris
Hopkins, business secretary Vince
Cable, shadow housing minister
Emma Reynolds, and shadow
business secretary Chuka Umunna.
It has also been very successful
with contractors and developers
and has already won the backing
of industry leaders Berkeley
Group, Willmott Dixon, Mulalley,
Lakehouse and Keepmoat, many
companies who are also Associate
Members of the Scheme.
The pledge aspect of the campaign
has also had the backing of key
government officials as well as
the National Housing Federation.
Since the launch there have been
1,624 apprenticeship pledges
which includes 1,195 placements
pledged by housing associations,
429 by arm’s-length management
organisations – two thirds of the
ALMOs in England are on board.
Steve Rawlings, CEO of Building
Lives, says: “This is a real
opportunity for constructors
to showcase the work they are
already doing, encouraging even
more companies to do the same.
It’s also great for local young and
unemployed people to see for
themselves the apprenticeship
opportunities available on their
doorstep. Many contractors have
already jumped on board the
campaign, if you haven’t yet. Why
not? If you are helping apprentices
get on the career ladder, you are
not only giving them a chance,
you are also helping to build our
industry. Get the hoarding up so
you can shout about it. Together we
If you would like to find out
more about the campaign and
how to get involved, please click
or to sign up, email
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