Industry Image | Issue 33 | August 2014 - page 2

August 2014
Issue 33
Started in 1997, the Considerate Constructors Scheme was set up by
the UK construction industry to improve its image. Since then, the
Scheme has registered and monitored over 75,000 sites and has been
instrumental in many of the improvements enjoyed today.
The Scheme is a non-profit-making, independent organisation founded by the
industry and recommended by local authorities and the Government.
The Scheme is neither grant maintained, nor funded by the Government, and is
solely financed by its registrations.
The Scheme is recognised by the UK construction industry as a major force in
improving its image through the registration and monitoring of UK
sites and companies.
There are three ways to register with the Scheme:
Site Registration
Company Registration
Supplier Registration
The Scheme aims to improve the image of construction through the registration of sites, companies and
suppliers and sharing industry best practice. Please click the links below to find out more.
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