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Nottingham City Homes (NCH) is committed to the ethos of the Considerate
Constructor Scheme. They believe that responsibilities for improving the image of
construction should be extended beyond those of their contractor partners.
August 2014
Issue 33
Nottingham City asks 2nd tier
suppliers to register
That is why they have taken the
initiative in approaching 2nd tier
suppliers, to encourage them to
sign up to the Scheme.
NCH hosted a well-attended
inaugural supply chain meeting in
March 2014. Representatives of key
companies dedicated their valuable
time to consider the potential
benefits of registration, as explained
by the Scheme’s DavidWatson who
attended the event.
The benefits of registering as a
supplier include:
Membership of the nationally
recognised Scheme endorsed
by local authorities, the
Government, main contractors
and major industry clients.
Gaining a competitive edge
with prospective clients by
demonstrating a commitment
to high standards.
Considerate Constructors
Scheme branding and
Listing on the Scheme’s website
which may be used by main
contractors or members of the
public to find companies and
evaluate performance.
Independent assessment
of your company and sites
by experienced industry
A means by which you
can assess and benchmark
your own performance and
strive for development and
The possibility of winning
National Awards.
The group considered a new
bespoke checklist, formulated by
one of the suppliers. This checklist
is to be developed further to ensure
it reflects the specific nature of
the work carried out by suppliers,
particularly the considerations
around site deliveries.
The CCS followed the meeting
by formally announcing the
opportunity for suppliers to register
with the scheme in the April 2014
edition of Industry Image.
In addition to this initiative,
NCH believe they are the first
organisation to introduce the
role of Considerate Constructor
Champion. Regeneration Project
Manager, Philippa McKenna, said:
‘”I am proud to represent the
Considerate Constructors Scheme
for Nottingham City Homes, and am
looking forward to working with all
of our partners to further enhance
to image of our industry.”
Nottingham City Homes would
like to extend their thanks to
the following suppliers for their
A J Stephens, Taylor Maxwell,
Volkerlaser, Nationwide Windows
and Doors, Dulux, Television
Installation Services (TIS), Plumbing
Trade Supplies (PTS).
Thanks also to contractor
partners Keepmoat, Robert
Woodhead andWates Living
Space for demonstrating their
commitment to the initiative,
and for their support in providing
encouragement to their suppliers.
At NCH, we believe
that everybody
working on our sites
has a responsibility
to ensure that
the image of the
industry is upheld
to the highest
standards, and
that includes
those companies
within our supply
chain. That is why
we are taking this
step, to support
and encourage
our supply chain
partners to register
with the Scheme.
Steve Hale
Director of Property Services
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