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August 2014
Issue 33
Join Teambuild’s
2014 challenge!
New Construction H&S Manual launched
The Considerate Constructors Scheme is proud to be
sponsoring this year’s TeamBuild, which is a
cross-disciplinary construction competition held
annually every November.
After over 40 years, the No 1
bestselling Construction Health &
Safety Manual is changing. Written
by Health and Safety Directors and
Advisors who represent a wide
cross section of the UK’s leading
construction companies and
clients, this Construction Health
and Safety Manual aims to provide
construction companies working in
the UK with a useful and pragmatic
tool to help them comply with
their legal duties and to improve
the way health and safety issues
are managed throughout the
Teambuild offers a unique
experience. One weekend of brain-
twisting, skills-testing challenges,
and people of all disciplines
including architects, contractors,
engineers and surveyors from
across the UK: it’s a heady mix of
fun, networking, and learning, with
added cash prizes. What’s not to
Registration for this year is open
now, so sign up early as an
individual or as a team and start
prepping for the Pre-Qualification
round in September. Running
for over 20 years, Teambuild is
excellent CPD and particularly
recommended for those
approaching Chartership. Teams
will be challenged by fictional tasks
based on a real UK site, testing their
collaboration and communication
skills to the limit. It offers an insight
into the way large projects are
procured, delivered, and operated,
and is a masterclass in cutting-
edge collaborative methods for
ambitious young people in the
construction industry.
The winning team is awarded
£1,500 and will be invited to
join the Worshipful Company
of Constructors. Past Teambuild
winners have gone on to gain
international recognition in their
fields of expertise. Finalist teams
will meet senior industry figures,
including past participants, at the
final residential weekend event.
The 2014 event will run over the
weekend of the 14 -16 November
at Lane End Conference Centre in
Buckinghamshire. You can enter
as a team or on your own, but
participants must be aged under
30 and need to be a registered
member of a recognised industry
institution. Professional, student,
and graduate memberships are all
Go to
to find out more and to register
your interest.
construction process.
This accurate, easy to read and
hardwearing manual is endorsed
by the Health & Safety Executive.
Its text is strictly monitored by an
editorial panel of Health & Safety
Experts who check its content for
accuracy and topicality.
The manual is designed in a loose
leaf format so that it can easily
be updated, and amendments
and new sections are normally
published twice a year and are
available to manual owners who
pay a subscription. By signing up to
the automatic subscription service
you will receive each update twice
yearly automatically.
CIP are offering a 40% discount off
the hardcopy and CD-ROM
until 30th
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