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August 2014
Issue 33
Upcoming Seminars
and Workshops
The Scheme’s up in the clouds!
Seminars andWorkshops are designed to help anyone
associated with construction activity understand the
aims of the Scheme and how to adhere to the Code of
Considerate Practice.
These events are suitable for site
managers, head office support
staff, clients and anyone who
would like to know more about the
They are held across the UK
throughout the year and are
presented by specially trained
Monitors who will inform and
These events allow for plenty
of opportunity to ask a Scheme
Monitor any question you may
have regarding considerate
construction. Attending a Seminar
also includes a 2 hour Continuing
Professional Development (CPD)
certificate, and a Workshop
includes a 3 hour CPD certificate.
Seminars and
Workshops are
extremely popular
so it is advisable to
book early to avoid
Please see below for the remaining
2014 dates for Seminar and
9th September – Birmingham
23rd September – Edinburgh
23rd October – Bristol
28th October – York
12th November – London
9th September – Birmingham
23rd September – Edinburgh
14th October – London
23rd October – Bristol
28th October – York
12th November – London
To attend a Seminar and/or
Workshop, please call
783 1423
or email
The Scheme encourages all
registered sites to promote
their registration in order to
demonstrate the commitment
each site has made to improve the
image of construction.
As well as displaying the signage
provided by the Scheme, sites
continue to find new ways of
promoting their registration,
including sending the Scheme up
into the clouds!
Spotted by a Scheme Monitor at
J21 of the M5, Willmott Dixon’s St
Anne’s Primary School project in
Somerset fly’s a blimp branded
with the Associate Membership
logo given to Associate Members
to display on their registered sites.
If your site is displaying Scheme
signage in a unique and creative
way, let
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