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August 2014
Issue 33
The London 2012 Olympic
and Paralympic Games
finished on the 9th
September 2012 when
the Paralympic closing
ceremony took place,
ending one of the most
successful games in its
Award winning East Village
been transformed to the new East
Village, providing 2,818 new homes
in theheart of the country’s capital city.
During construction for the
Olympics, contractors registered
with the Scheme made great efforts
to ensure that they were working
to the highest levels of care and
consideration. It was important
that before the Games began,
the park showed off the very best
of UK construction as the world
watched its development, and the
development of East Village has
been no different.
Since the beginning of the project,
Lend Lease, the main contractor
behind the development of East
Village, has registered with the
Scheme and ensured that the
considerate efforts put in place
during the building of the Olympic
Park continue through to this post-
Games phase.
Due to the efforts of all on site, East
Village has received a National Site
Award from the Scheme every year
since 2010. The site was awarded
a Silver Award in 2013, and Gold
Awards in 2010, 2011, 2012 and
2014. At the 2014 National Site
Awards, where Lend Lease received
their 4th Gold Award as well as
being named a Most Considerate
Site Runner-up, the Scheme’s
Monitor John Sayers noted in
his report that he found “an
extraordinary level of commitment
to best practice” in all areas of the
Scheme’s Code of Considerate
After the Games ended, a new
phase began to transform the
Olympic park into a community for
people to live.
The Athlete’s Village, used as
accommodation by those who
competed in the Games, has now
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