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August 2014
Issue 33
To mark the Olympic’s long-
standing relationship with the
Scheme, and also Lend Lease’s
considerate efforts which have
been recognised at the awards,
John Sayers met with Sir John
Armitt, Olympic Delivery Authority
(ODA) Chairman, at East Village.
John Sayers, who has been
monitoring East Village from the
beginning, walked around the site
with John Armitt, discussing the
success and legacy of the Olympics
and the future of the Park.
Marking this occasion, John Sayers
commented: “It has been an honour
to monitor East Village and witness
the incredible efforts of those on
site who are continuously going
the extra mile in terms of the level
of care and consideration they have
shown. This site has set an example
and showcased the exceptional
work that the ODA and Lend Lease
have put in place to improve the
image of construction.”
John Armitt added: “I am extremely
proud of the excellent record
achieved on the Olympic Park and
East Village since construction
started in 2007. Our contractors
worked hard to deliver safe and
healthy sites, with consideration
for the local communities who live
around the Park and Village in east
London. This has been particularly
important during our final phase
of works at East Village, with
thousands of people now moving
into this new neighbourhood.”
Top image, from left to right:
Clare Ramsden, Lend Lease;
Lawrence Waterman, ODA; John
Sayers, Scheme Monitor; Sir John
Armitt, ODA Chairman; Steve
Fennell, Lend Lease; Stuart Wilson,
Right image:
Sir John Armitt and
John Sayers.
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